Representing an extensive network of artists from over 145 countries around the world, we have more options than you could ever dream of. Say goodbye to choosing music that does not authentically represent your project and say hello to highly curated music that fits your project to a T.

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Seven Seas Music | Song Searches and Curation


Finding the music for your project is the fun part, but then the legal rights have to be secured. This part of the process makes most filmmakers want to puke in their mouths, which is why we are here :) With over 25+ years of experience researching, negotiating, clearing and executing synchronization agreements, we can help you bring your dream soundtrack a reality within your project budget. Leave the paperwork to us and you can focus on what you do best - creating.

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Want to recreate a classic moment with a modern flair? Want to license one of your favourite songs but cannot afford the original? Choose from our extensive catalogue of cover songs to bring your project from 0-60 within your budget. We control the masters and can connect the dots with the publishers so that licensing a cover song into your next project has never been easier.

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We know what it's like to have a specific vision that requires a custom composition, so we have teamed up with hundreds of award winning composers across the globe to provide our clients with top notch custom music making possibilities. Let us introduce you to our amazing roster of composers today.

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Ask any musician their least favorite aspect of creating music and most will say handing and tracking royalties generated on their publishing rights. Well, have no fear because Seven Seas is here and in addition to the many other services we offer artists, we can manage publishing administration too and ensure you are paid the royalties you earn.

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