License Music From Across The Globe.

Based in San Francisco, California, Seven Seas Music is a music licensing and discovery platform that helps media professionals quickly source and license authentic music from around the world. Music Supervisors, Producers, and other Media Creators can search for culturally diverse sounds to accompany their visual content with our site or by enlisting the expertise of our creative team, making discovering and licensing international music fast, easy and streamlined. With individual or blanket legal licenses available, Media Creators are able to select the licensing option that best fits their project’s needs – in just one click.

We are thrilled to empower both sides – Media Creators and Artists – by delivering memorable audio-visual experiences to audiences by offering the most compelling music from emerging and established artists from around the world, representing over 30,000 songs by 3,600 artists from 145 countries.

The Company is overseen by two of the most respected names in music supervision and licensing, Brooke Wentz and Maryam Battaglia, who have a combined 100+ film credits to their names and also founded the prestigious Rights Workshop; a distinguished music supervision, licensing and creative clearance company.

For Content Creators

Find your story’s voice by curating the perfect soundtrack for your film or project. With hundreds of new songs added every week, it’s easy to search from a range of categories for the music that best fits your projects needs and share playlists of your favorite songs with your team. When you are ready to license, the music is fully cleared and ready use.

For Artists

We put your music in front of a global community of media creators, including some of the major players in Hollywood. Through our platform you can showcase your music whether you are an independent label or an individual artist, as long as the publishing and master rights to your music can be cleared. Once we have your music, we do the rest.

Our Team

Brooke Wentz


 Brooke is respected music rights executive, author, music supervisor, and Billboard award winning producer. She is the founder of two music companies -The Rights Workshop and Seven Seas Music. Prior to launching these companies, Brooke was the Music Director for ESPN, a rights consultant to TechTV, manager of A&R for Arista Records and a former radio host. Brooke has authored Hey, That’s My Music!, Music Rights Unveiled, and has a forthcoming publication of interviews she conducted with a wide range of NYC musicians and creatives.

Maryam Battaglia


Maryam is a music business professional whose experience spans work in entertainment and music law, publishing administration, licensing and IP clearance. For the last decade she has worked as a music supervisor at The Rights Workshop, assisting hundreds of media producers negotiate and source creative content for their projects. In 2015 Maryam and Brooke co-launched Seven Seas Music and in 2018 co-authored Music Rights Unveiled, a step-by-step guide on navigating the complexities of music licensing.

Steph Rushton

Director of Europe and A&R

Originally from Canada, Steph is a freelance Music Supervisor, Writer and privately practicing Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) currently based in Paris, France. Through her music supervision work at Seven Seas Music and for independent filmmakers, Steph specializes in sourcing and licensing authentic international music for her clients. In her free time, Steph volunteers with global organizations to educate musicians on music rights and the basics of synchronization licenses.

André Comeau

VP of Creative Services

Andre’s publishing experience started in the 1990s as an artist with Warner Chappell and then as a Creative with Bug Music in the 2000s. Andre has been with Seven Seas Music since its inception in 2014, leading the company’s creative services. From his base in Los Angeles, Andre works directly with studio clients to secure countless licenses for artists in film, television, advertising, video games and new media.

Matt Favazza

Senior Manager of Creative Services

With an early fascination for music’s synergy with business, Matt cut his teeth as Label Manager for long-running, Chicago-based Pravda Records. It was there he found his calling in music licensing, as he was instrumental in developing their shifting focus. Matt then headed up the music licensing department at Victory Records/Another Victory Publishing, where he discovered & developed new talent and secured numerous sync placements for the better part of a decade. He now joins the Seven Seas Music’s creative sync team to continue his pursuit of finding that ‘perfect song’ for his clients.